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Ashview Farm, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Lyster III, is a 350 acre thoroughbred horse farm located in Versailles, KY. The land that Ashview occupies was originally owned by French General Marquis Calmes who was a great friend of General Lafayette during the American Revolution. General Marquis Calmes is responsible for laying the town of Versailles and naming it after the French city.  He is buried in a stone mausoleum that he built and that rests in the middle of a paddock on Ashview.

Ashview was purchased by Wayne and Muffy in 1978 and is currently home to approximately fifty broodmares and their offspring.  The primary goal of the farm is to successfully breed its mares and raise their foals until they are of training age or sold at one of the major horse sales.  Many of the mares at Ashview were foaled at the farm and have returned to the breeding operation at the end of their racing careers.

Throughout the years, Ashview has bred approximately thirty stakes winners including JOHANNESBURG, the 2001 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner and world champion; LU RAVI, winner of $1,819,781; AT THE HALF, winner of $338,393; and LORI DARLIN, winner of $259,509 (see The Horses).

While Ashview continues to expand, it remains a family run operation with many of its employees working for ten to twenty or more years.  Because of this dedication, our thoroughbreds receive only the best hands-on care and attention.  As a leader in the thoroughbred community for almost thirty years, Ashview is known for its stakes winners, high sales averages, commitment to its clients and dedication to the industry. We here at Ashview look forward to continuing in this tradition.

photo: Gray Lyster